From motivational speakers to ground breaking scientist we have the absolute best within their field. Our keynote speakers are carefully selected for their knowledge as well as on-stage presence. Each are highly rated by both clients and other agencies as guest speakers at conferences and inhouse events alike and praised for their unique Nordic style of keynote speaking. The latter growing ever popular as clients increasingly want more than just a story and generic facts. True insights, the courage to take a stance, and the knowledge and skill to back it up are all key ingredients in being appointed a Copenhagen Business Speaker.

The majority of people in the Nordics and in particular Denmark are naturally bilingual and fluent in English making them an obvious choice as an international keynote speaker. We are especially popular with organizations in the US, UK, Dubai, and Singapore and cater to your exact needs. Allow us to proudly present our select few world-class guest speakers!

About us

Copenhagen Business Speakers is an exclusive agency curating and supplying the very best Nordic Keynote Speakers to the world's leading organizations. We have an in-depth knowledge of each keynote speaker and pride ourselves in ensuring the perfect fit for the specific event. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or enquiries.