The Optimist of Denmark
Henrik Mathiasen is a triple bestselling author and the founder of "The Optimists of the Year Award" in Denmark. Henrik is a declared Optimist and one of the most used public speakers in Denmark. He has worked with a string of national and international companies on all levels, business schools and public organisations. He sees Optimism as the ultimate mental tool and has a personal mission to inspire as many people and companies as possible to face adversity with an optimistic mindset.

Henrik has featured in TV and Radio and has a unique ability to transfer heavy scientific studies into relatable stories with huge amount of humor. He believes in the term "infotainment" and brings an enormes amount of energy to the stage. During his work with the Award Show for the Optimists of the Year, he has studied and got to know some of the most fascinating people in the country with som unbelivable and inspirering stories.

Keynote speaker Henrik Mathiasen known as the optimist


Optimism: Your weapon when facing adversity

This keynote is an absolute danish bestseller. It takes the audience through a journey of selfreflection, laughs, tears, mental tools and determination to take action on behalf of yourself, your family or your organisation. It takes down your barricades and makes you realise, that we all have the power to do better. Loaded with practical examples and personal experiences, the Keynote gives you not just the answers but also the explanation of how and why you should take optimism seriously.

The Optimistic Leader

Employees prefer an Optimistic Leader and to be part of an Optimistic Organisation. Numerous studies have confirmed this. Americans even prefer an Optimistic President. This keynote is designed to give the Leader the inspiration and the tools to:
- Be an Optimistic Leader
- Create an Optimistic Organisation
Henrik takes the audience through his personal journey and som international examples. The keynotes relates to both small and large coorporations.

The value of your personal brand

This keynotes is designed to provoke the audience with direct questions such as:
- Is the person you are equal to the person you want to be?
- Would you like to be married to the person you are?
- Would you hire yourself?
We all have a personal brand. Non of us goes free. Because people who knows us have an opinion about us. Because they see how we act and that creates our brand through their eyes.The brillant thing is, that we have absolute control over the way we behave.



"Henrik Mathiasen has an amazing level of energy and his ability to speak eye to eye with the audience is unique."

Christian Dahl, HR Group Senior Director at Netto (Salling Group)

"Henrik left us all with a smile on our faces, plenty of reflection and a long lasting impression on how optimism can change our way of looking at life."

Ole Pedersen, Marketing Manager at Mercedes-Benz

"A great "thank you" to the Optimist of Denmark for a both energetic and thoughtfull lecture on optimism."

Jacob Fischer Nielsen, Commercial Director at TV2 (Danish National Television)


Henrik Mathiasen is widely know as "The Optimist" in Denmark. He is a thought after public speaker, a bestselling author and a mentor of a long list of business owners and CEO’s. He has educated thousands of leaders and employees in the mental tools of optimism. As founder of "The Optimists of the Year Award" he has also studied some og the most successful individuals and companies i Denmark. Through his work and his books Henrik has documented, that optimism is a fantastic compagnion, when companies og people are facing adversity.

The personal story of Henrik Mathiasen is just as inspiering. He used to have a bad studder, which did not apply to the dream of being a public speaker. But the core of optimism is to face adversity. Is is not what happens to you, that defines you. It is the way you react to it, that really matters. By changing his thinking, Henrik changed his results. His first audience had a crowd af 2 (two!) people. But his dream was alive. It was part og his long term strategy. Today he has been on every major stage i Denmark speaking in front of thousands of people.

As an author Henrik Mathiasen has published 4 book with 3 of them being a bestseller. (All in danish). His first book "It’s all about yourself", was probably not political correct, but it became an instant hit in companies. The introduction was written by the Danish CEO for the German logistic giant, DB Schenker. The CEO has been using the optimistic tools with great success. The book instruct you personally or as a company to take full responsibility for you own wellbeing.

His second book "The Optimist" was written as a novelle inspirered by "Who moved my cheese". "The Optimist" is based on a TV-host called Jack Taylor and various quests in the studie, which is actually the only fiction in the book. All stories regarding Apple, Walt Disney, FedEx and many others are from the real world. Short after the book has been published it became a bestseller.

With his third book "Everyday Happiness" Henrik comminicated straight to peoples personal lives. He belives in happiness at work, but it is even better to be hapy all the time. The book is based on thousands of scientific studies, which he communicate in a simple way, so evrybody is on borad. It also became a bestseller.

His latest book is called "Optimize your leadership" and is targeted the so called "busy lazy people". Those leaders who do not have time to read 10.000 pages of material but just want some tools NOW. He book is part of his leadership education.

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