It's really quite simple. Copenhagen Business Speakers is a select gathering of the very best keynote speakers the Nordic region has to offer - each characterized by their entertaining style, their world-leading knowledge, and their unique ability to convey this.

Besides being the home of "Hygge" and being consistently ranked as the happiest region in the world, The Nordics are also thought leaders and trailblazers within fields such as Nudging, Futurism, AI, Climate, and New Nordic Leadership - a defining change in leadership sweeping the world. We proudly represent the leading keynote speakers in the world within their fields - reach out now for our best-in-class sparring to ensure the perfect match for your event.


We are situated in the Capital Region of Denmark – the world’s leading region within Cleantech, Medtech, and Biotech. Here we have, of course, been brought up on hygge and happiness, but also on a culture of informality, creativity, and not least productivity. Combined with having the best work-life balance in the world both Denmark and the Nordic region in general have consistently combined being the happiest place with being ranked at the absolute top in terms of productivity – even implementing 4-day work weeks due to productivity hacks and getting rid of “pseudo-work”.

This unique culture also embodies our keynote speakers. Not only will you engage a leading expert within your topic of choice - you engage an exclusive keynote speaker that gets to core of the issue, doesn’t beat around the bush, and delivers true learnings and eye openers. A rare quality in these modern days of international keynote speaking, where the default is to state safe, common “truths” that we all can somewhat agreed to - leaving the audience mildly entertained and somewhat informed, but neither challenged or significantly wiser. Copenhagen Business Speakers is your guarantee to remedy this.


Organizing an event is a daunting task. Reduce the hassle and ensure a keynote speaker that will have the audience thrilled. From smaller venues to huge convention halls, departments to executive boards, local subsidiaries to global headquarters Copenhagen Business Speakers have ensured the right fit of keynote speaker for 1000s of event organizers and every possible type of event. That's why we are trusted by the world's leading organizations such as Lego, Novo Nordisk, Maersk, Carlsberg, Vestas, Toyota, and many more.

"Copenhagen Business Speakers simply went above and beyond. From the get-go I felt in capable hands and their focus on our actual needs and their ability to go beyond the brief was very reassuring. I believe the personal sparring was key in us ending up with a keynote speaker that was a perfect match for our event - instead of just picking from a line-up of 100s of keynote speakers. They clearly know their stuff."

Allan Kristoffersen, Chief Retail Officer at Matas

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We at Copenhagen Business Speakers are keen believers in taking responsibility for the world we live in - both towards our planet but also it's people. This is evident in the keynote speakers we represent and provide to organisations e.g. one being a leading climate scientist and Lead Author on the IPCC Assessment Report, Sebastian Mernild. We walk the talk and support a variety of courses in both the local community and at a national level, but have no need to flaunt logoes. Given that the Nordics and Copenhagen in particular have always been at the forefront of the "green wave" and this being a website, we will however make an exception for being a co2 neutral website. Get in touch with us now and let our passion and knowledge help fuel your event with a cutting edge keynote speaker.

Copenhagen Business Speakers is a co2 neutral website

Copenhagen Business Speakers is an exclusive agency curating and supplying the very best Nordic Keynote Speakers to the world's leading organizations. We have an in-depth knowledge of each keynote speaker and pride ourselves in ensuring the perfect fit for the specific event. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or enquiries.